Your reviews are encouraged and welcomed! They help others to appreciate the custom health service that I offer the community. Please give them the benefit of your experiences by sending a review via eMail or just go to the bottom of this page and enter your words of wisdom. It will be placed on this and in the home sliders page for others to see and read. Be sure to say if we can use your name.  Thanks very much in advance!   Sincerely,  Dr Joe Nunnari

.  Ray Harris

"Dr. Joe treated me for an upper shoulder injury that I'd sustained at the gym over 6 months prior to starting treatment. My range of motion was significantly impaired and my shoulder strength diminished. Dr. Joe has restored my range of motion which has enabled me to rebuild the shoulder strength; after just my first treatment session I was able to lift my arm above my head something I hadn't been able to do for months! Each treatment session has been tailored to treat my specific issues: Dr. Joe takes the time to identify individual pain spots & personally targets treatment to those spots. I highly recommend Dr. Joe. "

.  Amy C.,    Germantown, MD

"I have had monthly adjustments with Dr. Joe for nearly 4 years now. After many falls and accidents through the years, I need fairly regular adjustments. He is more thorough in my treatments than some of my previous chiropractors. He keeps a detailed file and follows up on the issues of the prior visit to see if additional tweaks are needed. Amy C.,    Germantown, MD

.  Christopher T.,    Frederick, MD

"I highly recommend “Doc”! Dr Joe is the best pain healer in the universe. I am an auto technician in my 40s. My job is strenuous and I was having extreme pain in my lower back, knees, and feet which was absolutely miserable. I could not even put my shoes on it hurt so bad. I went to my Dr at Kaiser who just prescribed pain medications, muscle relaxers and physical therapy and still got nowhere, I tried two other chiropractors before doc and they were wham-bam-thank-you and made no progress. Fortunately, I met doc through a good friend. Doc recommended taking Xrays; my spine was like an S. Within about 2 hours, Doc found my problem, used ice, electric muscle stimulation and adjusted my lower back. I felt like a new man...it was absolutely amazing!!!! This was four years ago and I still see him once a month for maintenance. He can tell where something hurts without you saying anything. He has fitted me with 2 sets of orthotics that have changed my life. Before Doc, I was taking Aleve and Advil all day, everyday. Now I just drink lots of water and wear my orthotics and see doc and I’m playing golf every weekend and working like a young man again. Dr. Joe has also fixed other pains for me: my shoulder, neck, elbow and wrist... all fixed by this amazing healer. I have also recommended several family members to Dr. Joe. They all are extremely happy with his treatments. If you’re on the fence and in pain trust and give this guy a chance it may seem expensive at first but in the long run you will be happier and healthier off the meds and understanding your injuries, and no busy Dr offices with average doctors appointments who just write pain prescriptions"                Christopher T.,    Frederick, MD

 Dru S.,   Germantown, MD

"My wife and I have been seeing Dr Joe for years. The thing that makes him such an amazing healer, is the positive difference that his care makes in peoples' lives. Thanks for another healthy year, Dr Joe!"                                     Dru S.,   Germantown, MD

 Michele S.,   Rockville, MD

"I just wanted to leave an update to the first review I did for Dr. Joe. Care is always excellent, but a few weeks ago, unfortunately I injured my knee. After a trip to the emergency room for x-rays to be sure there was no fracture, I contacted Dr. Joe. Through the "miracle" of laser therapy that Dr. Joe has in his medical repertoire, the extreme pain that I was experiencing was lessened in the first treatment and gone by the third - in a matter of days! Thank you again, Dr. Joe!"                                                                                                                                                                               Sent from my iPad...   Michele S.,   Rockville, MD

 Toni T., Gaithersburg , MD

"Dr Joe is exceptionally gifted as a chiropractor. I have been a client since 2008. I highly recommend him to anyone I can. His healing hands have been extremely effective helping me with neck, back and pelvic issues, including traumas after a car accident and slipping on a set of stairs. I have come to him in great pain and after visits with him, I have left pain free. He is deeply caring and highly professional.  My bones and I are very happy with him!!"                              Toni T., Gaithersburg , MD

 Dr. Chris H., Germantown, MD 

"Under Dr. Joe's expert care I experienced a remarkable recovery. I avoided surgery, and I learned what I needed to do to address my degenerative joint disease and experience life pain-free. I have recommended Dr. Joe to my family and friends. You can trust Dr. Joe. It was Dr. Joe who recommended that my visits went from twice to once a week. It was also Dr. Joe who recently recommended that I only come in once every two weeks. In January I was afraid that I'd be unable to work or live a functional and pain-free life. Thanks to Dr. Joe I know now that I have nothing to worry about and can look forward to a great spring and summer. Thanks Dr. Joe! Sincerely,                                                                                    Dr. Chris H., Germantown, MD

 Liliane F.,   Derwood, MD

"I have been receiving chiropractic care for decades and I have found Dr. Joe to be one of the best, if not the best, chiropractor I have been fortunate to have care for me. I have been going to him regularly now for several years and he has helped me with various problems: whip lash after a car accident, knee and shoulder issues, neck and lower back problems. He keeps up with the latest developments in care as well as continuing to use the basic adjustments of the spine and other joints. I strongly recommend him to anyone with any of these or other joint and spine issues."            Liliane F.   Derwood, MD

 Michele S.,  Rockville, MD

Had an excellent visit with Dr. Joe on Tuesday. The exam was very comprehensive. Treatment that included electric stim, ice pack, and spinal adjustment is really helping to alleviate back pain. I was also lucky to undergo a new scar tissue therapy on my ankle and foot. Thanks so much, Dr. Joe! I would and have recommended Dr. Joe to family and friends.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Michele S., Rockville , MD

 Dr. Sue A.,  Wheat.and, WV

"It's been a life changing experience even after just a few visits and adjustments! I was in a lot of pain for about a year, which was affecting my daily quality of life. Dr. Joe found the problems in the first visit, when other doctors could not, and provided a good get-well plan for me. He takes the time to listen to the symptoms and also takes the time to work on fixing them. I am feeling better already and I'm a happier person because of it."                                                                Dr. Sue A.,  Wheat.and, WV 

 Dr. Christopher H.,  Germantown, MD

"I was in severe and constant pain that was not only scary, but it made it impossible for me to work. My medical doctor misdiagnosed me and just gave me pain pills. Thankfully a friend told me about Dr. Joe. I had never been to a chiropractor before and thought I never would go to one, but I wanted to avoid surgery and it was obvious that my doctor didn't know what to do. Dr. Joe worked with me, set me up with what I needed, answered all one million questions I've had, listened to me attentively, and within a couple of months he delivered a dramatic improvement. Now that I'm on the mend and confident about my ability to face 2014, I've lost my job. I wish Dr. Joe could work on the economy!! ; )" -                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dr. Christopher H.,  Germantown, 

 Ricardo S.,  Gaithersburg MD

“I play soccer in the evenings and on weekends, so things are always getting knocked out of alignment. Different painful problems always happen, whether it is stiff, sore muscles or sore joints in my lower back or knees, ankles and feet.. I used to be very skeptical of chiropractic care until I was treated by Dr. Joe.. Now I am a frequent patient and depend upon my bi-weekly (or at least monthly) visits to keep me in the game”                                                              Riccardo S., Gaithersburg, MD

 Mickey S., Urbana, MD

"I never thought that anyone would be able to fix my shoulders. They've been painful for years; but Dr Joe quickly figured out my problem and had the skill and that super laser of his to get me better quickly. My wife is also happier because now I can complete her weekend "Honey Do Lists. Thanks, Dr Joe!"                                                                          Mickey S.,  Urbana, MD

 Nancy M.,  Jefferson, MD

"Dr. Joe found the problem and has been treating me, I feel so good again as before I hurt my back. Dr. Joe gives you, one on one care, no waiting past your appointment time. Dr. Joe takes personal interest in your problem and sets a schedule and explains your treatments, and is very honest with you. Dr. Joe is an excellent Chiropractor. If your looking for personal care and treatment, he is the one. Every vist with Dr. Joe has been excellent."                                              Nancy M.,  Jefferson, MD

 Ofc. John H., Rockville, MD

"Thank you Dr Joe. Because of your advice and great chiropractic care, I was able to avoid surgery and remain physically active... and to keep my job in law enforcement! Although things are looking much better now, I won't forget the dark, painful times before I met you."                                                                                                                                   Ofc. John H., Rockville, MD

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