Fees & Payments

When it comes to Quality, You Only Get What You Pay For

As a sole practitioner, Dr Joe performs all appointment scheduling,  patient care, and collection of payments himself.  He accepts cash, checks, Visa and Master Cards as payment for his quality service.  By practicing without a staff,  he keeps expenses low and passes that savings onto his patients.  As a solo practitioner, he does not participate with or submit claims to insurance companies or Medicare.  He does generate a properly coded Statement of Patient Account at the end of each visit so that patients who wish to do so may submit their own claims. 

Although his chiropractic office does not submit insurance claims, Dr. Joe has structured his fees to reflect quality care at affordable prices which are much lower than the inflated fees you’ll find at most high-volume, insurance-based practices.  For example, the basic spinal adjustment for 1 – 2 regions of the spine is still only $40.

To make payment convenient for you, Dr. Joe accepts payment via cash, personal checks, or Visa/MC.  At the end of each visit, you will receive a proper, insurance-coded invoice so that you may submit your claims directly to your insurance carrier. 

For your convenience, click on the Fee Schedule which lists codes for all those procedures which insurance companies commonly reimburse. If you plan to submit your claims, it is recommended that you print out the Fee Schedule then call your carrier and read those codes right off the list to determine which charges they will cover when you submit your claims to them. Please call 240-731-0264 if you have any questions.

In any event, be sure to save your receipts and statements because chiropractic care is considered a tax deductible medical expense.

Discount Plans for Families, First Responders, Senior Citizens and Students.

Dr. Joe Nunnari's Distinctive Chiropractic would like to actively help you and your family to take responsibility for your total health and wellness management. Since all financial discussions are conducted directly with the doctor, he can effectively assist and guide you in you and your family's treatment plan as you take the time to care for some of the most important people in the world.  In an effort to make "living the wellness lifestyle" as easy and affordable as possible, the doctor offers generous family discounts of 15%.  The same amount of discount applies to Senior Citizens, Students and First Responders.  Call Dr. Joe Nunnari at 240-731-0264 to discuss family discounts.

Costly Insurance vs. Cost-Effective Self Pay

Over the past 28 years Dr. Joe has operated and practiced in dozens of all types and sizes of chiropractic offices.  The reality is that those offices which submit insurance cliams invariably require large staffs, most of whom are on the insurance-submission-and-collections end of the business.  In doctors' offices as in most other businesses, it is the labor cost which makes up the greatest business expense. The increasingly busy doctor must then see a higher volume of patients to pay the higher, upwardly spiraling expenses involved with running an insurance practice. What this ultimately comes down to is less time spent with each patient.

By keeping his expenses low, Dr. Joe is able to provide his patients with the highest quality, one-on-one, direct doctor-patient interaction possible.  If your visit lasts for 45 minutes, you are being meticulously attended to by the doc for that entire time.  That is to say that there is very effective, total-time communication between you about your condition and 100% of  the doc's attention is on you and no one else.

Dr. Joe does not participate with insurance carriers; not because he's trying to make a political statement, rather he is determined to be a great doctor and to have a business model that really works for him while getting his patients better, both quickly and affordably.

Our Location

Park near the Red VW Hatchback and take the walk back towards the trees. You'll see 13832 Bronco Place.